How To Wear

Step 0

A most important step! Buy as many Matchy Straps as you need to match your wardrobe or make a statement. You can do this here.

Step 1

Call loved ones into the room for your transformation. Live broadcast to your social networks after you’ve connected with us here: Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram

Step 2

Hold strap with Swarovski crystal facing up. Take a deep breath, because things are about to get cute.

Step 3

Insert hook into bra’s front loop. Insert other hook into bra’s back loop. It doesn’t matter which hook goes into which loop, but you may prefer to have the slider in back. We trust your fashion sense.

 Matchy Strap Hooks

Step 4

A girl needs options.

Matchy Strap Examples

Step 5

Dang, ma! Show us how good you look here.